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Fist Fight – Brand New Trailer!

Playground fights can be considered the stuff of legends, if you take everything that is told after the event at face value. Of course, the reality is often somewhat more mundane; two people traded insults, then threw a couple of punches before the teachers came over to break up the incredibly obvious mass of people that were chanting “kill him!” But that all changes when the two fighters are teachers.

That is the premise of the film Fist Fight, which sees Charlie Day facing off against Ice Cube in the playground rivalry to end it all.

The first trailer seems to be trying to set the wacky tone that will fill this movie, with plenty of random set pieces, such as a horse pulling a man down a school corridor. If that sounds like your kind of entertainment, then this film will probably not disappoint. If it’s not your thing, then maybe you should wait for the former group after school and show them what you’re made of.

 Fist Fight is out February 17th!

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