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The Red Turtle – Brand New Trailer!

There’s something about the simplicity of animation that allows you to tell deep, moving stories without compromising on the production value or nuances of the script. This is most certainly the case with The Red Turtle, a movie co-produced by the much-vaunted Studio Ghibli.

The trailer has a very simple art style, but carries a rich colour palette, which it puts to powerful use to help convey the isolation of the main characters as they survive on a deserted island.

The plot itself looks rather simplistic, so much so that it’s rather easy to guess the gist of the central story from what is shown in this trailer, however, the rave reviews from audiences at Cannes and TIFF suggest that The Red Turtle is less about the story, and more about immersion in the details that are contained within each frame.

The Red Turtle is sure to wow the general public when it is released early next year.

The Red Turtle is out in cinemas January 20th.

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