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Rebel with a Camera: The Cinema of Ousmane Sembene – Season Announcement

Ousmane Sembene is a very prominent African filmmaker, yet his work is consistently overlooked. Thankfully, Aya Distribution are hoping to change that with their upcoming season of screenings called “Rebel with a Camera: The Cinema of Ousmane Sembene”.

Thanks to a BFI Programme Development Fund, Aya Distribution will be hosting over 70 screenings across the country of Semebene’s films including La Noire De…(Black Girl), Xala, Moolade, and the critically acclaimed documentary SEMBENE!, chronicling the life, career and activism of the director/freedom fighter who passed away in 2009.

As lovers of cinema, we have no good reason to not educate ourselves on the wonders that the world has to offer us. Starting from October 6th, we’ll have the best opportunity to experience this great man’s films on the big screen, and it’s one we should definitely take. You can find a full list of participating cinemas here.

But we highly recommend you head on down to The Ritzy in London if you can for this wonderful viewing experience. You’re guaranteed to have the best time, in a lovely little cinema brimming with passionate film goers and a serious sense of class.

Rebel With a Camera: The Cinema of Ousmane Sembene will last from 6th October to 19th November.
Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.


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