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Manchester by the Sea – New Clip

Despite his big brother Ben’s redemption in recent years, Casey Affleck will always be the best actor of the Affleck brothers. The man constantly puts out great performances, even if the work leaves a lot to be desired (Looking at you, Triple 9). The squeaky voiced Oscar nominee is back this awards season in a role that might just bag him another nomination, in Manchester By The Sea. Affleck plays a young man who is forced to raise his nephew when his brother (Kyle Chandler) dies. In this UK exclusive clip, Lee finds out that he’s been given custody of the teenager, and isn’t too happy about it.

Manchester by the Sea is definitely going to be one of the most prominent players this awards season. From the cast to the direction to the story to the cinematorgraphy, every inch of it looks breathtaking, and the UK will, as usual, have to wait a little bit longer before we can witness this beauty.

Manchester by the Sea is out 18th November in the US, and 13th January in the UK

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