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Redwood – Brand New Trailer!

When you make a reference to an actor’s past work, you always run the risk of being too overt in your intimation, to the extent that you can no longer see the new character, merely the old one in a new job/location/setting.

Such is the case of Redwood, which appears to attempt to fill in the blanks for what happened to Xander Harris of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame after the events of the finale (and ignoring the comics). Whilst Nicholas Brendon’s appearance in the trailer is brief, the numerous references to Buffy are far too numerous to ignore. Mixed in with the allusions is what looks to be a weak vampire horror plot and wooden acting (which may help against the vampires, now that I think about it…)

Redwood doesn’t look like it will bring anything new to the horror genre, merely being content to re-tread the same old, familiar ground while relying on reminding the world about one of geek culture’s beloved exports.

Maybe this un-dead franchise needs an infusion of holy water to cleanse the stale taint from its grave.

Redwood is out 2017!

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