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Rupture – Review

People are the virus and we are the cure.’

We all know Noomi Rapace is no stranger to a demanding role. All the way from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus (we all know the scene, don’t we?); there is no doubt of this woman’s talents. Appearing in a wealth of different films over the last five years, here she springs up again as Renee. A single mother, kidnapped, held against her will and experimented on in the man behind American Sniper and Secretary Steven Shainberg’s latest horror come sci-fi, Rupture.


Despite appearing as a low budget, independent production, insufficient funds don’t harm the overall atmosphere for this one. With such a story as this, big bucks would probably just call in Cruise or Pitt and ride on the fact that there is a big face to get bums on seats. Albeit, Rapace has certainly proved her worth and this role seems to be a walk in the park for her. As she is watched creepily through webcams for days on end with her son Evan, Renee is taken to an unknown location and subjected to some quite horrific experiments – especially if you don’t like eight legged freaks. Imagine not having one thought, one secret, one fear to yourself with the added bonus of restraints and an excessive amount of red light these creepy scientists certainly install the creeps from the get go.

Underlying essence of sci-fi along with crazy scientists turn torturers this horror hybrid carries weight but ultimately doesn’t give us enough to chew on to go bragging to our friends about. The rawness and indie-like feel this possesses are refreshing at times, whilst the familiar, woman gets kidnapped and unexplained things start happening – the plotline becomes mundane. Sinister tones immediately emerge and we know that things aren’t quiet what they seem on the surface. Writers Shainberg and Nelson do s good job of throwing us off our gut feeling with what is truly happening here but ultimately, this is exactly what we think it’s going to be.


In amongst the mad scientists are a few familiar names here that will capture people’s attention at the very least.  While Rapace is stealing the limelight, with so much panic in her voice it sends shivers down your spine as you feel her confusion; Peter Stormare, Kerry Bishe and Michael Chiklis play their parts most convincingly. Initially the tests start off pretty non-offence and progress into what things nightmares are made of. Well it certainly plays on one’s fears of being caught in a hospital and not being able to leave.

Rupture’s final moments are delivered in a way that it makes you want more.  Questions fly through your mind for a couple of minutes as this fades to black; yet those thoughts will quickly be replaced by the next thing you pop in your DVD player.

Just beware of men in vans lurking outside your road!

Rupture is out on DVD & Blu-Ray now 

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