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Ghostbusters – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

2016 was the year of stupidity. I think we can all agree on that. A shit-show of a year where hate and moronic behaviour won out over acceptance and love. Between Trump’s bewildering election to people literally being shot for existing, it just feels like we’ve gone backwards by massive leaps.

On that list is the complete venom spat out at a bunch of ladies who just wanted to star in a film. Ghostbusters, the remake, was released this year in a tirade of unjust online criticism from folks who couldn’t stand women in the jumpsuits of their heroes. Now, while I understand that within this were nuggets of general disappointment such as the remake frenzy Hollywood has whipped up diluting the film industry, the stars of the 2016 Ghostbusters and anyone who dared enjoy it were subjected to constant and consistent abuse online. Leslie Jones, who wonderfully curved away from the hate and owned it, was at the brunt of it with hackers publishing her private details, sending her racist jokes, and general being the worst dicks to ever walk this earth. Just, I’d like to stress, for starring in a film.

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So before I go into this review, I want to say that if you have general criticisms of the film beyond your ruined childhood and its apparent (but non-existent) man-hating rhetoric then you can go ahead and disagree with me. However, if you want to spread your horrendous beliefs, racist views, and go knocking down a generally enjoyable film with a lot of heart because the leads are four women, then I am going to shut your butt down.

With that aside, Ghostbusters is finally out on DVD & Blu-Ray to kick ass this festive period. Directed by Paul Feig and starring Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, and the aforementioned Jones, the film sees four women of New York who battle spirits and spectres for their job. When they come across an apocalyptic plot to unleash hell on earth, it will take all four of them to come together to save the day.

The latest Ghostbusters had some mighty big shoes to fill and there is no denying that, in some ways, it failed to meet the level that the 1980’s original had set. The bar was too high when comparable to the sardonic Bill Murray and the special feeling of seeing a giant Marshmallow Man traipse down New York. Added to this, this year’s Ghostbusters struggled with it’s pacing and finding footing within the initial opening half of the film.

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Nevertheless, the film was an adventurous and hilariously witty thrill ride that capitalised on the natural humour and chemistry between the four leads and their situation. Bouncing from joke to joke, delivered impeccably by all involved, Feig’s vision of a new Ghostbusters was a furiously brilliant and engaging one that titillated adults and children alike. With added spooky ghosts and genuine scary moments, the film carved out pure entertainment in ultra-violet tones. The comedy is laugh out loud and riotous, joyfully rambunctious and full of energy.

With the cast, there was a great establishment of characters. Kristen Wiig played the despairing straight-laced Erin who would eventually bend into the craziness of the world whilst Melissa McCarthy’s bright-eyed dreamer Abby who has always believed creates a great foil for Wiig to play off. Leslie Jones’ Patty, an everyman worker who gets embroiled into the hijinks, is wonderful considering she is a historical genius of New York and has great lines that Jones executes perfectly.

The biggest treasure to come out of Ghostbusters though, was Kate McKinnon. Most famed for her portrayal of Hillary Clinton on SNL as well as her incredible sketch work, McKinnon’s big role within this ghoulish, fun-filled movie made us feverishly excitable. As the wacky Holtzmann, a scientist with ideas bigger than her hair, she stole the show with her collective weirdness, genius, and on-point outfits. Certainly, a lot of people went in knowing nothing about McKinnon and left completely obsessed because her. And if you still aren’t sold, watch the Battle of Times Square where she becomes the slow motion action queen of our dreams.

Ghostbusters may not have made a box office impact and, sure, it still gains a lot of disdain from its detractors but there is a lot of goodness here. Thousands of little girls can see that they too can be heroes without skimpy booby outfits. They can save the day and the world whilst being funny and great. They can be equal to the male stars they have seen throughout their childhood.

However you feel about Ghostbusters, you can’t deny, that’s important as heck!

Ghostbusters is out on DVD & Blu-Ray now!

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