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Passengers – “Gravity Loss” Clip!

I’m not sure why I agreed to review the latest clip from Passengers. After watching the initial trailer and getting excited for the Sci-Fi thriller, I realised that a lot of what was shown seemed to give away the entire plot of the film. As a matter of fact, this seemingly growing trend is the reason why I’m reluctant to watch most trailers, just in case I have the entire sense of wonder and discovery cruelly ripped out from under me by an overzealous editor’s hand.

As such, I entered into this clip with some trepidation, and I have come to the conclusion that you should probably avoid this clip.

There’s not much to it, there are no plot elements to be spoiled, it’s more an excuse to show of Jennifer Lawrence in a rather skimpy swimsuit and some cheap looking, not quite finished in post-production looking water special effects.

Passengers looks like it will be a fantastic film, but, with one month to go before it’s released, you can probably wait until then.

Passengers is out in cinemas December 21st!

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