Mo Farah: No Easy Mile – Brand New Trailer!

Mo Farah is one of England’s greatest sporting legends, and it is important to remind ourselves of that. Especially when we are sliding ever closer to obesity from our more sedentary lifestyles.

Mo Farah: No Easy Mile is a documentary that follows the Olympic Gold Medallist around and looks at his rather idyllic life and where he originally came from.

The latest trailer features lots of shots of Farah running (obviously) as well as talking head interviews with various sporting personalities and members of Farah’s family.

The scenes look lovingly shot, with plenty of beautiful backdrops from around the world, and Farah’s voiceover helps show how enthusiastic he is about his sport, so much so that even I feel the need to put on my trainers and go for a run.

No Easy Mile looks set to be a heart-warming experience on a wonderfully upbeat character and his life.

Mo Farah: No Easy Mile is out on DVD and Digital Download December 5th!

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