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Rules Don’t Apply – New Clip

I had a pretty sheltered youth. For years I thought a blowjob was something you asked for at the hairdressers (it still could be I guess, but you might get thrown out depending on how accommodating they are). So this latest clip from Rules Don’t Apply immediately brought to mind some of the awkward conversations I had as a teenager. I was definitely the Marla of the group.

Here we see a pretty young thing get hit on unsuccessfully by a not so pretty thing, who has apparently tried his luck before. Relaying her sexual triumph to her friends, not so subtle innuendo is used to great effect. And Marla just does not click. Cue awkward giggles. Cue the embarrassment. Cue going home and confiding in your cat.

In Marla’s defence though, who would want to hide a salami?

Arriving in cinemas next year, Rules Don’t Apply follows two star-crossed lovers (Lily Collins and Alden Ehrenreich) who torn between their attraction to one another and not wanting to lose their jobs. As their eccentric boss challenges them morally, it seems being young and in love is a lot harder than you might think (that’s what she said)

Rules Don’t Apply is out 2017

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