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UnderWire Film Festival 2016

Today, one of the best movie festivals springs to life within the capital. The sheer greatness of talent on display from shorts to features really resonates with the glorious UnderWire Film Festival! Opening tonight at venues across London, the film tackles the cinematic talents of women in all forms including directing, writing, acting, and producing. Hitting different venues such as The Prince Charles Cinema, Genesis Cinema, and the Barbican, this looks to be a stunning event to attend.

One of the biggest highlights is the shorts programmes told in different sections. Girls to the Front is a phenomenal networking event. Men by Women looks at male identity told by a feminine perspective. Hysterical is, of course, about comedy. In A Home, A Heartache looks at settings and the exploration of the self. Stranger Things, obviously, is about scariness and abject surrealness. Women In Motion revolves around dancing interpretive pieces. Mommie Dearest is the matriarchal exploration. Mean Girls tackles bullying and self growth . Lonely Two Legged Creatures is a visionary collection of images and characters. All bustling with depth, innovation, and more.

As UnderWire expands, however, it also includes features by women – each with a Q&A with the director. There’s the earnest My Feral Heart with Jane Gull, the compelling The Levelling with Hope Dickson Leah and Rachel Robey, Light Years with Esther May Campbell, Seven Songs for a Long Life with Amy Hardie, and The Incident with Jane Linefoot. There will be a celebration of Andrea Arnold’s Red Road as it turns 10 this year as well as debates and discussions surrounding films.

With so much to enjoy, what are you waiting for? Get to UnderWire now!

Check the full program at UnderWire now. 

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