BAFTA Rising Star – Nominations.

It’s Award Season! Hooray! BAFTAs, Golden Globes, and the Academy Awards will all be rounding up the greatest and best movies of the last year. Though, yes, every year adds another layer of contention, but we cannot help but get excited about artists, filmmakers, and more grabbing a whole So this year’s BAFTA Rising Star Award nominations have been announced. This is the  only award … Continue reading BAFTA Rising Star – Nominations.

Essex Spacebin – Brand New Trailer!

Yes, you read that title correctly. Essex Spacebin. The name alone conjures up a weird and wonderful wealth of possibilities of what could be. Fortunately, the trailer does not disappoint. It is strongly recommended that you make sure you are not on hallucinogens when watching this, as I don’t think anyone can be held responsible for trying to eat your own head to exorcise Grolth … Continue reading Essex Spacebin – Brand New Trailer!

In Awe of Audrey: Two for the Road (1966)

On January 20th 1993, one of the world’s most iconic actresses passed away. Audrey Hepburn was a shining star in the world of film; so gracious, so beautiful, so talented, and so beloved by people all over the world. This January marks 24 years since she passed on, so as a tribute, I’ll be reviewing five of her films leading up to the 20th. They … Continue reading In Awe of Audrey: Two for the Road (1966)

Trespass Against Us – Brand New Feature!

The latest trailer for Trespass Against Us creates a wealth of conflicting emotions for Michael Fassbender’s character, as he is forced to decide whether to obey his father or help provide for his family. Using plenty of juxtaposing shots to show the difference between the relatively idyllic family life, and the much harsher criminal aspects of his world, Fassbender navigates between the two with conflicted … Continue reading Trespass Against Us – Brand New Feature!

Live By Night – “The Price You Pay” Featurette!

Live By Night is shaping up to be one of the most thrilling films released in the early part of this year. Ben Affleck’s latest foray into directing sees him playing a man trying to carve out his own niche in the criminal underworld, but struggles to perform some of the more sinister deeds, instead choosing to act against injustice. The latest featurette takes a … Continue reading Live By Night – “The Price You Pay” Featurette!