Manchester by the Sea – Review

At this time of year audiences are used to the films that clearly aim for the Academy Awards. They are affectionately called Oscar bait: highly emotional, and transforming roles for actors vying for the top golden spot. Yet in the ocean of bait movies, some are genuinely heartfelt human films that deserve the hype and their potential shot at the awards. Manchester by the Sea is … Continue reading Manchester by the Sea – Review

Their Finest – Trailer & Clips!

One of the stories from World War II which doesn’t get nearly enough of a mention is that of the women who went to work while the men were fighting, and the fear that was held by the men for the changes it would bring about. Their Finest shows the sexism held within the film industry as Catrin (played by Gemma Arterton) attempts to write … Continue reading Their Finest – Trailer & Clips!

CHIPS – Brand New Trailer!

It feels like only yesterday that I was typing out how much Hollywood is in love with updating classics from the 1980s into brand new franchises to capture a fresh audience and reeling the original punters back in. The Baywatch trailer, which came out earlier this week, seems to be vaguely hitting the correct balance between comedy and action (admittedly, the TV series was rather … Continue reading CHIPS – Brand New Trailer!

XX – Brand New Trailer!

The horror anthology is a great way to give short films plenty of attention that they deserve. A great example of this is the V/H/S series, which uses “home movies” to tell different stories. XX is a similar premise, albeit, one directed by a tremendous host of females, each with their own take on the horror genre. The trailer for this anthology shows snippets from … Continue reading XX – Brand New Trailer!

Urban Myths – Brand New Trailer!

The trailer for Urban Myths is a curious thing. Telling “true” stories of celebrities in comical ways… I’m unsure quite how to take the premise, nor am I 100% certain that there is any comedy contained within the sketches, if the 50 second trailer is to be believed. It feels like a curious cross between a newer, more surreal version of Dead Ringers, albeit one … Continue reading Urban Myths – Brand New Trailer!

Guerrilla – Brand New Trailer!

When you attach Idris Elba’s name to a TV series, there is a fantastically high chance that you’re going to be watching some televisual gold. The trailer for Sky Atlantic’s Guerrilla looks to be no different. Set in an alternate 1970s, where the British Black Power movement resorted to violence to further their agenda instead of taking a more peaceful stance. The background of racism … Continue reading Guerrilla – Brand New Trailer!