CHIPS – Brand New Trailer!

It feels like only yesterday that I was typing out how much Hollywood is in love with updating classics from the 1980s into brand new franchises to capture a fresh audience and reeling the original punters back in. The Baywatch trailer, which came out earlier this week, seems to be vaguely hitting the correct balance between comedy and action (admittedly, the TV series was rather over the top too, so there’s some wiggle room) but the latest trailer for CHIPS looks to be an infantile mess of lowest common denominator jokes that appeal to a small group of people.

Take, for example, the four dick jokes that get thrown around in the two-and-a-bit minutes of the latest trailer. Not even American Pie had that many, and their entire series was based around sex-obsessed teenagers!

Ultimately, the trailers for CHIPS feels like an unnecessary reboot of a franchise that no one is quite interested enough in to give it the time of day to make it worth watching.

CHIPS is out March 24th!

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