Urban Myths – Brand New Trailer!

The trailer for Urban Myths is a curious thing. Telling “true” stories of celebrities in comical ways…

I’m unsure quite how to take the premise, nor am I 100% certain that there is any comedy contained within the sketches, if the 50 second trailer is to be believed.

It feels like a curious cross between a newer, more surreal version of Dead Ringers, albeit one with a variety of famous faces as opposed to a core cast of four actors, and a more grounded Spitting Image, if such a combination were ever possible.

It could be that there is a lot more to this series than initially meets the eye, and one definitely hopes so with a wealth of actors such as Brian Cox, Iwan Rheon and Joseph Fiennes playing famous faces, but the trailer looks like it’s struggling to take off.

Urban Myths is out January 19th on Sky!

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