Jackie – Review

Historical figures always make good fodder for films. Our fascination with nostalgia, the emotions quaking beneath the surface of people we’ve only known about in books, magazines, and showreels, only deepens over time. As we move forward, we have one eye peering backwards as we are eager to capture the spirit of someone long gone on the big screen. Pablo Larrain’s, whose work on The … Continue reading Jackie – Review

Santa Clarita Diet – New Trailer

It’s weird to think that as this point in her career, Drew Barrymore has never lead a TV show, but she’s finally doing so in Netflix’s new series Santa Clarita Diet. Sheila Hammond (Barrymore) is an ordinary realtor who undergoes a huge change and finds herself among the undead. Part of this involves the desire to eat flesh, and with the help of her frightened … Continue reading Santa Clarita Diet – New Trailer

Snatch – New trailer

Guy Ritchie’s Snatch is one of the best British films ever made. It’s endearing, hilarious, so well performed and so definitive in it’s style and characters. So when the announcement came that they’d be developing a TV show, naturally, people were worried. The first trailer has arrived and, honestly…It doesn’t look too bad. The show actually looks okay; the trailer sets up a nice atmosphere, … Continue reading Snatch – New trailer