Certain Women – Brand New Trailer!

Women have always had the rough end of the stick when it comes to so many aspects of life, and while we have taken many steps to rectify these issues, we are still a long way from achieving the desired end goal. This is shown in great detail in the trailer for Kelly Reichardt’s Certain Women. The story revolves around four females in positions of … Continue reading Certain Women – Brand New Trailer!

The Great Wall – Brand New Featurettes!

Zhang Yimou’s The Great Wall is shaping up to be a very good-looking piece of cinema, and the latest three featurettes that have been released certainly add to the claim. The first clip (Shooting in China) sees several actors and the director espousing the ambition of the project and how it is a joint US-Chinese venture, as well as how they were able to achieve … Continue reading The Great Wall – Brand New Featurettes!

89th Academy Awards – Nominations!

Yes, it’s that time of the year were we all get excited or get angry at the Academy Awards! Despite being an antiquated film show, we still cannot help but wrap our emotions around the excitement, the glitz and the glam, and charge forward with our utmost passion for the films we have fallen in love with this past year. And now we have the … Continue reading 89th Academy Awards – Nominations!