Pet “Are You Following Me?” – Brand New Clip!

Unrequited love is a staple of romantic stories through all forms of media, but it’s a very hard line to toe. If you go too far, you end up creating a character with a creepy obsession with their love interest which changes the genre completely and creates a tense thriller/horror which looks into the psyche of the stalker and their victim.

This is the case with Pet, especially the latest clip, which sees Dominic Monaghan’s character admitting his affections and actions to his unwitting love interest (played by Ksenia Solo.)

The scene is riddled with an ambient sense of dread, which is only dampened by the poorly levelled dialogue coming from the actors, which makes them seem like they are sitting next to one another, when in reality, they are across the room. It’s not enough to damage the clip in its entirety, but it is an annoyance until the two confront each other.

Pet obviously has the potential to be a wonderfully dark and intense film, here’s hoping it can live up to it.

Pet is out March 13th!

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