Imperial Dreams – Brand New Trailer!

John Boyega has rapidly become one of Hollywood’s golden children after he shot to mainstream fame in The Force Awakens, but his acting abilities had been proven long before that in several independent films.

Among these was Imperial Dreams, telling the story of a young gang member in Los Angeles attempting to escape the neighbourhood he grew up in and help others do the same. The film was initially released in 2014, but it has recently been announced that it will be coming to Netflix on February 3rd.

Boyega’s talent as an actor help lend a sense of gravitas to his performance, and the on location shooting in the Imperial Courts projects outside of LA sets a poignant tone to the entire proceedings. There are also plenty of shots showing Boyega’s protagonist caring for his son and family, whilst working with his parole officer to stay on the straight and narrow.

Imperial Dreams is out on Netflix on February 3rd!

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