Beauty and the Beast – Final Trailer!

Word cannot describe how excited I am about this movie! Beauty and the Beast is my absolute all-time FAVOURITE Disney movie and it really looks as though director, Bill Condon, is doing it proud in his 2017 remake.

In case there are any of you who have been deprived of a childhood and therefore have never seen the original movie, let me give you a brief synopsis. Belle, a beautiful if slightly bookworm-ish girl, lives in a quiet French village, but dreams of adventure. One day, after a series of ill-fated events, she finds herself trapped in an enchanted castle, the residents of which are under a terrible spell and for whom time is running out.

I particularly love the fact that so many of the classic scenes from the original film have been perfectly recreated. Belle and Beast’s first encounter, their fight with the wolves in the wood, and their first dance to name but a few. I’m sure the Disney buffs out there will be able to spot many more.

It is also apparent from the trailer that the movie has been kept as a musical. Snippets from well-loved songs such as ‘Be our Guest’ and ‘Gaston’ look visually stunning; perfectly contrasting vibrant, colourful, energetic scenes with the gloomy gothic castle backdrop.  For me the fact that they have kept the songs makes this film extra special. Although previous Disney remakes have nodded their heads towards the songs of their predecessors, none of them have fully embraced their musical roots as Beauty and the Beast seems to be doing. Saying that, I’m afraid that I don’t think anyone will be able to sing ‘Beauty and the Beast’ as well as Angela Lansbury  in my eyes.

The casting of this movie is also on point. I cannot think of another actress who could play Belle better than Emma Watson. As a beautiful, intelligent, revolutionary individual in real life, she was made for the part.  The film also features living legend Sir Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, Ewan McGregor as Lumiere, Luke Evans as narcissistic baddie Gaston, and Dan Stevens as the one and only Beast.  I truly believe this will be an amazing piece of cinema history.

Make sure you don’t miss it when it’s released on March 17th!

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