Pet “Are You Following Me?” – Brand New Clip!

Unrequited love is a staple of romantic stories through all forms of media, but it’s a very hard line to toe. If you go too far, you end up creating a character with a creepy obsession with their love interest which changes the genre completely and creates a tense thriller/horror which looks into the psyche of the stalker and their victim. This is the case … Continue reading Pet “Are You Following Me?” – Brand New Clip!

The White King – Review

by Ren Zelen In The White King, directors Alex Helfrecht and Jorg Tittel cleverly introduce the viewer to the world in which their tale is set by means of a beautiful animated exposition during the beginning credits. We then enter the film with some background knowledge of what we are dealing with – a harsh, rural, dystopian society, created by a mythical ‘hero’ whose immense … Continue reading The White King – Review

The Essentials: Sir John Hurt

In our lifetimes, we see the birth and deaths of many a legendary career on the silver screen. 2016 was a particularly brutal year for film fans who saw the loss of many a brilliant film star including Carrie Fisher, Alan Rickman, and Zsa Zsa Gabor. 2017 has already claimed many prominent names already. This one hit us like a massive weight. The versatile and … Continue reading The Essentials: Sir John Hurt

Hacksaw Ridge – Review

War is brutal. War has been brutal. War and killing is wrong. But there are soldiers who fought for their principles as well as helping the war effort. In Hacksaw Ridge, one such man is being immortalised on the big screen. Hacksaw Ridge revolves around the true story of Desmond Doss who, during one of the bloodiest battles of WWII wound up saving the lives … Continue reading Hacksaw Ridge – Review