Rings – Brand New Clips & Featurettes

It doesn’t take a lot to freak me out, but there are a special few horror films that keep me up at night. Perhaps not the best horrors, there were elements of creepy that tingled my senses and hit me with a fresh batch of insomnia! Silent Hill, It Follows, and the American version of The Ring all cursed the night with their spectral visions.

Now, lo and behold, The Ring is returning for a terrifying new adaptation: Rings. Here is more shenanigans:

The film revolves around a young woman whose boyfriend starts exploring a dark subculture surrounding a videotape. When she sacrificies herself for her boyfriend, she discovers something shocking – a movie within the movie. Ring-ception!

Here are some clips and featurettes, what do you think?


Rings is out 3rd February 

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