Best (George Best: All By Himself) – Brand New Trailer!

I’ve never really been that into football, it’s probably to do with a number of somewhat sadistic sports teachers in my formative years combined with a general disdain for the ridiculously high wages footballers get, which can eclipse my annual salary within approximately one to two days.

Despite my misgivings on the sport, it’s hard to deny that George Best is one of the… best. Be it from his skills on the pitch, or his drink and drugs problems off it, his name is almost synonymous with English football and the new documentary out later this month details the ups and downs of his life.

The latest trailer for Best (George Best: All By Himself) manages to encompass both aspects of his professional and personal life and paint a balanced picture of the sporting legend through the use of archive footage and talking heads. The passion with which Best’s life is discussed is almost magnetic, and sure to draw you in regardless of your stance on football.

Best (George Best: All By Himself) is out in cinemas February 24th!

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