Fist Fight – Red Band Trailer!

One normally associates mediocre comedies with the summer months, created by the film studios to lure in the teenage market when they’re not at school and need something to occupy their time lest they turn to drink, drugs and loitering!

Unfortunately, with the release of the Red Band trailer for Fist Fight, it would appear that (much like Christmas) that window for these films is slowly but surely spreading itself out to encompass more days in the year.

The Red Band trailer (so called because it includes the more adult aspects of the film) does little to add to the film. Instead it opts to throw in plenty of swearing, crass jokes, drug references and nudity. When handled correctly, such things can all be rather hilarious in their own way, but it really feels like the script writers and editors were throwing as many jokes at the wall as possible and hoping that something would stick when the smoke and debris had cleared, which is clearly not the case.

Fist Fight is out in cinemas February 17th!

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