The Blackcoat’s Daughter – Brand New Trailer!

Emma Roberts is a beguiling actress who has a fair few genres tucked under her belt. From comedy to drama to thriller, Roberts is ranking up the movie business greatly. She is definitely very used to horror after appearing in television series America Horror Story. She takes her talent for the supernatural even further in upcoming film The Blackcoat’s Daughter which has the most confusing … Continue reading The Blackcoat’s Daughter – Brand New Trailer!

The Founder – Brand New Clips & Featurettes

Have you ever wondered how a restaurant takes off? How there is now a Starbucks on every corner? Or why there is a Golden Arch on every corner? Well, The Founder could explain a thing or too. The Founder revolves around a shady businessman who discovers a franchise worthy restaurant run by the McDonald brothers (see where we going with this..) When they discover that … Continue reading The Founder – Brand New Clips & Featurettes

The Fits – Brand New Trailer!

Coming of age stories are phenomenal when they explore a darker side to growing up which is exactly how debut director Anna Rose Holmer’s The Fits looks to be. Starring Royalty Hightower (best name ever,) the film revolves around the young Toni who is a tomboy trying to fit in with a tight-knit dance team in Cincinnati. As Toni absorbs the routines and the drills, … Continue reading The Fits – Brand New Trailer!

The Girl on the Train – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

When the nominations for the BAFTA’s Best Leading Actress came out, there was something amiss. Not only was Isabelle Huppert’s monumental performance in Elle missing due to date cut-offs (another argument for another time) but, in place of her acting tour-de-force, was Meryl Streep in Florence Foster Jenkins and Emily Blunt in The Girl on the Train. Now, we’re not saying that these ladies didn’t … Continue reading The Girl on the Train – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Rings – Review

by Ren Zelen  In Rings we have the long anticipated sequel to Ring, the English language remake of the hugely successful Japanese horror Ringu. We also have a kind of Samara origin story, but this storyline seems to be less a labour of love, and instead, rather laboured. Rings has a 15 certificate which should indicate that it’s being aimed at the teen-scream audience and … Continue reading Rings – Review