The Beguiled – Brand New Trailer

Remakes – aren’t they just so incredibly tiresome and often needless? The only time remakes feel even slightly interesting is if they’re doing something different from the original like switching the focus perspective. Whilst altering a key aspect of the original film may not have worked brilliantly for the 2006 remake of The Wicker Man, it’s something that Sofia Coppola is giving a go in her remake of the 1971 film The Beguiled.

A trailer has landed for this remake and I must admit that the story that it presents is quite intriguing. The perspective has switched from the male character in the original to the women of the house which is a choice that makes it automatically stand out from the original source. The trailer teases a story of lust, revenge and ‘real Southern hospitality’ with only small traces of information to entice the viewer with clips that last no longer than 5 seconds and snippets of dialogue. Even I, a person averse to remakes, would consider going to see this once it’s out.

The Beguiled is out June 23rd 

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