Orphan (Orpheline) – Brand New Trailer!

Gemma Arterton is great. She is one of our best actresses who chooses the subversive and the sublime. She can also star in French movies and terrific in them too. Here’s the brand new trailer for Orpheline. The film revolves around four moments of four female characters as Sandra’s youth forces her to run away, Karine’s teenage years ends with a succession of men, a … Continue reading Orphan (Orpheline) – Brand New Trailer!

Unlocked – Brand New Trailer!

There is a large number of movies about crime in London. From the flashy to the grimy, London is never better unless she has explosives taped to here. Starring Noomi Rapace, Unlocked seems to be added to that list. The film revolves around a biological attack on London that sees a CIA member unwillingly roped in after intercepting the information. It’s going to go boom, … Continue reading Unlocked – Brand New Trailer!

Aftermath – Brand New Trailer!

Arnie Schwarzenegger is one of the best cheesy actors and action movie stars we’ve had. He also governed the state of California for a while and is taking punts at Donald Trump. He’s basically excellent. Here he stars in a shocking movie based on a real life story about a man who seeks vengeance of the person who killed his family in a fatal air … Continue reading Aftermath – Brand New Trailer!

We Are The Flesh – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Subversive horror movie-making is that dark heart of cinema that is buried deep beneath the skin of audiences. From Louis Brunel and Salvador Dali’s Un Chien Andalou to recent Nicolas Winding Refn experimenta The Neon Demon, the weird and sickening have supplied a visceral exerpeince for audience on screen. Many audiences flock to them willingly, wishing to be transformed like the narratives on the big … Continue reading We Are The Flesh – DVD & Blu-Ray Review