Bridesmaids – The Best Romantic Comedy

It’s everywhere; like a big disease on the country; pink and red stuff popping up all over the place. Giant smushy teddy bears with their loopy smiles grinning down at you, cartoonish hearts litter the streets with their tales of offers, luring in unsuspecting couples to buy more crap than they could possibly need. Like a virus or zombie plague, this spell-binding time of year … Continue reading Bridesmaids – The Best Romantic Comedy

The Bad Batch – Brand New Trailer!

It might be because of the somewhat volatile political climate, the constant fear of climate change and the rise of extremist groups proliferated through the internet, but the madcap world of the post-apocalypse seems to make more and more sense the longer I think about it. The first trailer for The Bad Batch tells yet another story based in a world where society has collapsed … Continue reading The Bad Batch – Brand New Trailer!

50 Shades Darker – Review

You know the moment you go watch a film based on a book series you absolutely despise? I’ll be honest: a part of me goes into a small amount of denial. “It can’t be quite as bad as the books.” “Maybe they’ll improve from the source material and make it a decent piece?” It didn’t take long to be proven otherwise. It’s not too surprising: … Continue reading 50 Shades Darker – Review