The Road to the Oscars: 5 Great Snubs

The Oscars. When you’re younger you see these movies as the crème de la crème. If you’re watching a movie with an Oscar nomination, you know you are in for a good ride. Unfortunately, as you grow older and if you immerse yourself into the world of film, you soon find that there are some erroneous nominations and winners. This year is no different, seeing … Continue reading The Road to the Oscars: 5 Great Snubs

Essex Spacebin – A Review?

I was due to write a full review on this  recently released, cutting edge, independent film. But I can’t really full comprehend what the hell I’ve just watched. It’s infiltrated my brain with it’s own brand of oddity, to use the term in it’s most understated sense. But I have no fucking clue what the hell it was. You know when you and your friends … Continue reading Essex Spacebin – A Review?

Song to Song – Brand New Trailer!

Ah yes, the film that looked like a white colour chart. Not saying it’s a bad thing, not necessarily anyway, just when they released the picture of the cast it definitely looked like shades of the same person. Anyway, love him or hate him, Terence Malick is back with Song to Song Starring Michael Fassbender, Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara, and Natalie Portman, the film revolves … Continue reading Song to Song – Brand New Trailer!

Mine – Brand New Trailer!

Armie Hammer is one of those actors who I believe should’ve had a better career but has unfortunately failed to grasp at one. That being said, he has some great projects coming up including Ben Wheatley’s insatiable Free Fire and this, action film – Mine. The film revolves around an assassination attempt that goes from. Sergeant Mike Stevens finds himself stranded in a desert, trying … Continue reading Mine – Brand New Trailer!