Alien: Covenant – “The Last Supper” Clip

Watching the Alien series of films is a bit like riding a roller-coaster; the franchise has had its ups and downs, then occasionally you may get put through a loop-the-loop and the little kid in front of you spews up his pizza that he had just before getting on the ride and you have to spend the rest of the day wearing clothes that stink of body odour and vomit… Maybe it’s just like the first part of that analogy.

The latest clip to spring forth from Alien: Covenant is a hopeful ray of light in the otherwise dark void of space, depicting what one would assume to be an early scene or flashback of the crew getting ready to enter hibernation before jetting off to colonise a new planet. It’s hard not to see the similarities between the clip and the breakfast scene in the original film as the entire crew has a good time before the horror starts to begin.

Whilst you may not have all your fears allayed by this sequence, it still suggests good things for the future of the Alien franchise.

At the very least, it can’t be worse than Resurrection. Right? RIGHT!?

Alien: Covenant is out in cinemas May 2017!

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