Bill Paxton: In Memoriam

The news has broke that American actor, Bill Paxton, has tragically died at the age of 61. Paxton passed away after complications during surgery, his family confirmed. He leaves behind a wife and two children as well as scores of fans. The actor will be remembered for his roles in Aliens, Titanic, Predator 2 and Apollo 13 amongst his many screen credits.

A diverse talent, he starred in film as well as TV throughout his career. His first credited film role was as a Soldier in Stripes, alongside Bill Murray. He later had a small role in the first Terminator film. His break out role was as astronaut Fred Haise In Apollo 13. He won critical acclaim for his TV work in Big Love as a man with three wives and listened to an elderly Rose recount the doomed vessels maiden voyage in Titanic. He continued working up till his death and still has projects yet to be released.

bill-paxton-aliensMy personal favourite and first encounter of Paxton’s has to be, Chet from Weird Science. As the older brother from hell he gets his comeuppance when designer woman Kelly Le Brock turns him into a giant…… well he looks like a pile of poo but you can make your own mind up.

News of the great actors passing has inspired social media tributes to his many roles. His final credits will be in The Circle and the Training Day TV series both released this year.

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