Cars 3 – Brand New Trailer!

You can tell what the team at Pixar are hoping to achieve with Cars 3. They’re hoping that it will leave all the other films coming out around the same time in the dust as it races towards a glorious swansong for the franchise (before they inevitably reboot the film with a brand new character in pole position).

While the latter may be achievable (née inevitable), the former is likely going to take some effort.

Everything you need to know about the film is in this trailer Lightning McQueen has had his day in the sun, and is now finding the younger and better-designed cars are hot on his tail. After suffering a crisis of conscience, he undergoes a new training regime (as well as a “tune up”) in order to show the world he isn’t obsolete.

Whether or not this will subtly imply that there are illicit substances that it’s OK to take to improve your performance in a competitive arena or that we all need to learn to grow old with dignity remains to be seen. But I think it’s safe to say that it’s one of the two…

Cars 3 is out in cinemas 16th June!

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