Get Out – Brand New Clips & Featurettes!

Have you ever been so excited for a film that you’ve just wanted to chop it up into little pieces and smother it on our skins? That’s exactly how we feel about Jordan Peele’s Get Out. And, seriously, it cannot come soon enough!

Get Out revolves around a young black man who visits his white girlfriends family only to find there is something sinister going on in the town.

Starring favourite Daniel Kaluuya, this just has everything we have ever wanted in a film. What do you think?

Get Out is out 17th March

The Dinner – Brand New Trailer!

A movie is like a three course meal. The motion picture itself is the main course and the trailers are the appetisers designed to make you want more and to help you sample what you ordered. Finally, you have the reviews and opinions, which come out after, but we’re not talking about that aspect right now.

The trailer for The Dinner (starring Steve Coogan, Richard Gere and Laura Linney) has a palate somewhat familiar with that of Roman Polanski’s Carnage.

Two couples get together over a nice dinner to sort out what to do with their children who have committed a crime. The trailer itself doesn’t exactly lend itself to showing anything new or exciting, instead choosing to make an attempt at building a tense and thrilling atmosphere, but falling short as no body comes across as particularly interesting over the two minutes they are on screen.

If this trailer is anything to go by, it’s less of a Michelin Star meal, and more like something off of McDonald’s £1 menu.

The Dinner is out in cinemas in 2017!

Mindhunter – Brand New Trailer!

Anything that is touched David Fincher is guaranteed to be something to keep an eye on at the very least and his latest project for Netflix (Mindhunter) appears to be shaping up in much the same way.

The latest trailer to come out leaves a lot to the imagination for the story, but has strong overtones of Thomas Harris’ Hannibal series, as the plot follows the FBI as they hunt down serial killers and attempt to gain an insight into their mind-set. All this is overlaid by some bloody Rorschach Ink Blot tests that slowly form a chilling image.

It’s almost impossible to say what will happen within the series when it comes out on Netflix later this year, but it certainly doesn’t look like it will be a flop.

Mindhunter is out on Netflix in October!

War Machine – Brand New Trailer!

Brad Pitt may have had his limelight dimmed since his divorce and stuffy films such as Allied but he has definitely had a good year. I mean, his production company Plan B produced Moonlight! He must be ecstatic right now!

Now he is changing his hair yet again for a war comedy/drama, War Machine revolves around a General who had a steady rise in the army for it all to fall apart.

The film has been billed as part reality and part parody  which sounds amazing. It is also directed by David Michod who crafted Animal Kingdom so this looks fucking brilliant. What do you think?


War Machine is out 26th May

World Book Day: 4 Great Films About Books

It’s World Book Day.  And who hasn’t grown up without books in their lives? Not filmmakers, anyway, as Hollywood has been plunging into old texts and pulling out blockbuster movies or series. In fact, it has become the staple of movie makers these days, especially with an abundance of young adult fiction getting translated into young adult movies to please the young adult audiences everywhere. Almost weekly a book becomes a film. But what about films that revolve around books; the core plot point pivoting around the pages, the stories and the characters you usually find locked up in libraries.

Films like these:

The Pagemaster (1994)

Image result for the pagemaster

In nineties land, you’d think that this movie would be an instant success. It had all the right arts to make it a success; Macaulay Culkin, Whoopi Goldberg and the fail safe live action and cartoon combination. But on first release it bombed, hard. Nevertheless, thanks to repeats on television and video sales, it has become one of childhood’s much loved movies. It centres on a boy named Richard who is bored with life. In an upcoming storm, he finds shelter in a library. But a freak accident causes him to get washed into illustrations and is sent into the colourful world of fiction. Along the way, he meets Romance, Adventure and Horror, genres of books set to help him on his quest. This is a lovely little movie that heralds a lot of the great classic books, translating them well for children.

The Princess Bride (1987)

Image result for The Princess Bride

Possibly one of the most quotable films of all time that has acquired a large fan-base that still adores this movie now. The Princess Bride is meta as hell, a book about a book that is quite self-aware (although, not as self-aware as The Never Ending Story,moonchild). Told by Columbo’s Peter Falk to his grandson in present day eighties, it tells the medieval tale of stable boy Wesley and his love Buttercup. When Wesley disappears, murdered by the dreaded Pirate Roberts, the masked crusader comes to battle his wits against obstacles for Buttercup. It’s fairy tale with gusto, hilarity and wit. This cult classic is a treat. Altogether now; “my name is Inigo Montoya..”

Stranger Than Fiction (2006)


One of the very few Will Ferrell films where he doesn’t play overdone, obnoxious and dislikeable characters, Stranger Than Fictionsees him take the quirky indie route. He stars as Harold Crick, a pretty average guy who finds one day, a voice has started to narrate his life. Feeling dismayed, he is told that he may be a character in a book and he needs to find out the ending before it is too late. Endearingly enough, this movie deals with an interesting and fun twist on the romance fare that asks writers; if you met the character of the book you’re writing, what would you do to them? It also has the best romantic scene where a baker receives a lovely array of ‘flours’ for a gift.

The Evil Dead (1981)

Image result for the evil dead necronomicon

I feel like I shouldn’t even been making you read this as we talk about that damned book in Sam Raimi’s masterpiece horror movie The Evil Dead. Frankly, I am a little bit scared writing about it. Because the insane events that happen in the middle of the forest that fateful night all come about due to some stupid teenagers and Ash Campbell reading from the evil Necronomicon Ex Mortis. The book itself is like the Devil’s personal spell book that sees demons and hell raised on Earth, causing a lot of messed up nonsense to happen to the those meddling kids (yes, that was a Scooby Doo reference about The Evil Dead.) Proof that any book with a long Latin title shouldn’t be read, The Evil Dead is one of those films that anti-reading advocators will lap up.