Get Out – Brand New Clips & Featurettes!

Have you ever been so excited for a film that you’ve just wanted to chop it up into little pieces and smother it on our skins? That’s exactly how we feel about Jordan Peele’s Get Out. And, seriously, it cannot come soon enough! Get Out revolves around a young black man who visits his white girlfriends family only to find there is something sinister going … Continue reading Get Out – Brand New Clips & Featurettes!

The Dinner – Brand New Trailer!

A movie is like a three course meal. The motion picture itself is the main course and the trailers are the appetisers designed to make you want more and to help you sample what you ordered. Finally, you have the reviews and opinions, which come out after, but we’re not talking about that aspect right now. The trailer for The Dinner (starring Steve Coogan, Richard … Continue reading The Dinner – Brand New Trailer!

Mindhunter – Brand New Trailer!

Anything that is touched David Fincher is guaranteed to be something to keep an eye on at the very least and his latest project for Netflix (Mindhunter) appears to be shaping up in much the same way. The latest trailer to come out leaves a lot to the imagination for the story, but has strong overtones of Thomas Harris’ Hannibal series, as the plot follows … Continue reading Mindhunter – Brand New Trailer!

War Machine – Brand New Trailer!

Brad Pitt may have had his limelight dimmed since his divorce and stuffy films such as Allied but he has definitely had a good year. I mean, his production company Plan B produced Moonlight! He must be ecstatic right now! Now he is changing his hair yet again for a war comedy/drama, War Machine revolves around a General who had a steady rise in the … Continue reading War Machine – Brand New Trailer!