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Geostorm – Brand New Trailer!

Does anyone remember the last time a natural disaster film was any good? I know a lot of people will point to The Day After Tomorrow as the most recent torch-bearer, but there’s very little substance once you peel back the wafer-thin top layer, and the less said about some of the other films in that genre, the better.

Geostorm looks to be attempting to modernise the standard plot by merging it with a hint of Terminator, as technology decides to destroy the Earth for one reason or another.

The latest trailers to show off the end of the world looks like a convoluted CGI mess, featuring plenty of people running away from thunderstorms, snow storms, hail storms and (for those in desert regions) sand storms.

I think that it’s safe to say, you will have seen 99% of these clips before in any other natural disaster film. Maybe save your money and go see something else when this comes out.

Geostorm is out in cinemas later this year!

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