Woody the Woodpecker – Brand New Trailer!

There are very few people out there who do not remember the piercing laugh of Woody the Woodpecker from their childhood. Now it would appear that Hollywood is attempting to mine the depths of our nostalgia for another trip down memory lane and to introduce a new generation to the door-knocker of the avian world, only this time, in live action! The trailer, despite being … Continue reading Woody the Woodpecker – Brand New Trailer!

Buster’s Mal Heart – Brand New Trailer!

I honestly don’t know what to say about this trailer other than a very loud and punctuated: WHAT. THE. F**K!? There are only two things I can say for certain about Buster’s Mal Heart: It stars Rami Malek (He of Robot fame) I have gazed into the abyss of madness far too many times to count, and each time I feel compelled to return and … Continue reading Buster’s Mal Heart – Brand New Trailer!

Nocturnal Animals – Review

by Scott Gentry By day, Susan (Amy Adams) is the proprietor of an astounding art gallery, surrounded by a stifling intellectual atmosphere within the Los Angeles art scene. By night, she harbours intense and complex emotions concerning her past, possibly fuelling her increasingly aggravating disorder as an insomniac – one which is beginning to threaten her marriage to Hutton (Armie Hammer), who is no longer … Continue reading Nocturnal Animals – Review