Early Man – Brand New Trailer

It may be over a year away but those claymation boffins over at Aardman Animations have demonstrated that production is most definatly underway for their next project Early Man. The film is directed by Aardman veteran and Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park.
Aardman and StudioCanal have released a very short clip that’s shows the films hero Dug and sidekick Hognob prepared to fight off an unseen but growling creature before deciding otherwise.
Early Man, as the title suggests, is set in the dawn of time and centres on Dug a prehistoric stone age dweller. Along with Hognob, his loyal animal friend, the pairs efforts to reunite their tribe results in the invention of football.
The project is the first film directed by Parks since his iconic duo Wallace and Gromit made their feature debut. Fans will be excited to hear that Early Man is based on an original concept by two Aardman writers, Mark Burton and John O’Farrell. The film follows Aardman’s last feature success Shaun the Sheep Movie which brought its lovable bleeping menace to the big screen.
The voice cast is led by the talents of Eddie Redmayne as the lovable hero Dug, because winning Oscars and starring in Harry Potter follow-ups was not enough. Also on the roster is Tom Hiddleston and and Maisie Williams.
Animation fans and those who just love the great British sense of humour should be excited. Seeing as this is the studio that has brought as Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep as well as my personal favourite Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists, can they follow up their earlier successes?

Well, if the trailers are are anything to go by then yes, yes they can.

 Early Man will hit cinemas till January 2018.

American Gods – Brand New Trailer!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: We are living in the golden age of adaptations. A point which appears to be proven once again by the latest trailer for American Gods which comes out April 30th.

The show is being produced by Bryan Fuller (he of Hannibal fame) and it’s safe to say that the disturbingly appetising body parts that appeared on the show were merely a warm up for what will be coming when the Gods go to war.

There’s plenty of violence, trippy CGI and wonderful performances that envelope this trailer, and Ian McShane’s Mr Wednesday looks set to delight with his powerful presence.

t’s sure to be a treat.

American Gods is out on Amazon Instant April 30th!

Mindhorn – Brand New Trailer!

Have you ever wondered what’s missing from the world? There’s world peace, free energy, no poverty and superpowers for all to name but a few. But the one thing that we’re all truly missing out on is watching an out of shape 1980’s TV Detective attempt to track down a real life serial killer whilst also trying to put his life back together.

That’s the premise for Mindhorn the latest farcical comedy to feature Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh) in the role of Richard Thorncroft, an out of work actor who is called in to help capture a serial killer.

Throughout the trailer, there are plenty of fantastically idiotic scenes that are strongly reminiscent of Barratt’s previous works, alongside several big name actors such as Steve Coogan and Kenneth Brannagh.

Here’s hoping that Mindhorn will have its audience rolling in the aisles when it comes out!

Mindhorn is out in cinemas May 5th!

Master of None – Brand New Trailer!

Aziz Ansari has risen to fame after his time as Tom Haverford in Parks and Recreation (among other shows). But it is Master of None where his wit and talent really shone through.

Fortunately, Netflix has agreed to a second series of the award winning show and released a brand new trailer to build the excitement!

It’s not very long, and the entire teaser consists of Ansari and his co-star riding mopeds through what looks to be the Italian countryside.

No matter what may happen in the upcoming season, provided there is plenty of the humour that made the first series so great, there should be little problem with the show finding even more success.

Master of None is available for streaming on Netflix May 15th!

Coco – Brand New Trailer!

Pixar are the masters of controlling emotions, so much so that one could easily accuse them of some form of mass hypnosis to control the world and no one would be any the wiser.

The trailer for Coco once again shows how deftly they can pull on your heartstrings to manipulate you into feeling sympathy for protagonist Miguel as he finds solace in the strummings of long dead guitarist Ernesto de la Cruz before, one day, finding himself transported to the Land of the Dead.

It’s when Pixar takes on an original project that their talent shines through (with the possible exception of the Toy Story franchise, because… well, I don’t really have to explain myself there). Coco looks set to be just as emotionally moving as Inside Out and Finding Nemo. You can almost guarantee tears before the final credits roll.

Coco is out in cinemas December 8th 2017!