Death Note – Brand New Trailer & Clips!

Anime is an ever growing phenomenon that attracts fans from every age group and bracket. Because it is an ever growing thing, many Western film-making groups are leaping on the chance to bring it to our cinemas and TVs.

Thanks to Netflix, anime’s most famed series Death Note is getting an American remake.

Starring The Fault in Our Stars’ Nat Woolf, Death Note revolves around a teenage boy who finds the titular notebook on the ground and discovers that if you right someones name in it, they’ll certainly die.

What I respect about this more than say, Ghost in the Shell, that they completely changed cultures and adapted it for the Sates. Although, isn’t that more chilling? After all, an isolated white boy on a killing spree.

Fans of the original may find it crass, and exhausting after many live-action remakes in Japan, but with The Guest‘s Adam Winguard at the helm, there is hope this could be good.

What do you think?

Death Note is out on Netflix August 25th. 

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