Mystery Science Theatre 3000 – Brand New Trailer!

The true mark of a geek is whether or not you know of what is called in common parlance as the MST3K Mantra. It is this little phrase that helps soothe the most savage of nerds whenever they get too het up over a film or TV series, and it’s pretty useful in other situations as well.

Fortunately, for those who are unaware of the Mantra, you need not condemn yourself to pondering its mysteries for much longer for Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is returning in April for yet another glorious dose of mocking terrible films!

The latest trailer that has been released for the new series shows it is still maintaining the original look and feel of the original, with handmade models and fairly cheap looking sets lending a sense of love and passion to the endeavour. Topping it off is a fantastic cast including Patton Oswalt, Felicia Day and Jonah Ray as the three main characters on The Satellite of Love.

What films will be torn to shreds this time? We’ll find out on April 14th when MST3K comes to Netflix!

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