Charlie Hunnam: 4 Great Performances…and A Naff One

Charlie Hunnam has risen through the ranks to be one of our most gifted actors. The Newcastle lad has exceeded in cementing his place on the industry. Between fighting aliens in gigantic robots to defeating fellow laaaddsss down the paaabbb, Hunnam can pull out charm and talent with each of his roles.

To celebrate his leading performance in The Lost City of Z, we’re taking a look at the best roles of Charlie Hunnam…and one really bad one.

The Greats: 

Pacific Rim  (2013)

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Pacific Rim revolves around a future where the human race is united against aliens known Kaiju who emerged from an inter-dimensional portal below the Ocean. Humanity, in an aid to stop total annihilation, build humanoid like robots, called Jaegers, that seem to work for a while, until the Kaiju get stronger, faster, and better. The story focuses on Raleigh, a renegade pilot whose brother died years before and Mako, a rookie pilot who discovers they have a mental connection with one another…

As Raleigh, Hunnam plays the renegade and gruff All American Hero who is genuinely layered with an astute kind nature. Especially when Mako enters his life and he is forced to confront his repressed emotions. Hunnam solidified himself as a leading action star.

Crimson Peak (2015)

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Teaming up with Del Toro once more, Hunnam shaped his persona differently to that of Raleigh, although kept the American hero tag. The film revolves around Edith Cushing, a young lady who is pursued by an English gentleman, Sir Thomas Sharpe. After they fall in love, Thomas takes Edith to his home, only to find her at odds with the ghost that live in their titular mansion as well as Thomas’ rambunctious and devilish sister Lucille.

Here Hunnam plays Edith’s disapproving childhood friend Dr. Alan McMichael.  A smart, brooding, and intelligent and suave, Hunnam greatly captures the era as well as a general concern for Edith which gives him a tender edge.

Sons of Anarchy (2008 – 2014)

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Catapulting him from a bit player to a major star, Sons of Anarchy revved up his prowess and made him a household name. Sons of Anarchy was a popular drama revolving around bike gangs and all their hi-jinks as they have to deal with rival gangs, drug dealing, the police, and Nazis. So a delightful show where everything is happy and awesome.

Charlie Hunnam plays Jax, the floppy haired romeo and offpsring of the titular group’s leader. Torn between doing right by the woman he loves, his own teeny tiny baby, and his loyalty to his father, Jax is determined to break away. Across a lot of years, Hunnam really made this role his won – twisting between heartbreak, anger, rage, and sorrow seamlessly, layering what could have been an atypical role into a wonderful piece of acting tour-de-force.

The Lost City of Z (2017)

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Out in cinemas today, The Lost City of Z revolves around legendary explorer Percy Fawcett. Determined to bring honour to his family’s name, long after his alcoholic father had brought shame to it, he accepts a job from the Royal National Geographic Society to map South America and all its secrets.

Charlie Hunnam delivers a quiet and unassuming performance here in James’ Gray’s film. As Fawcett, you can sense his determined abandon whilst he tries to find this fantastical and possible real city. In Hunnam, the charm, the love, the somewhat madness are all combined as beads of wanting heated sweat pour down him. Hunnam is captivating here and truly superb.

The Naff: 

Green Street (2005)

I am not going to divulge much into this because it’s certainly one of the more famed performances of Charlie Hunnam,. Playing opposite Elijah Wood, he’s a football hooligan with the worst cockney accent ever. Ever!

Let’s not go any further: I am just going to present you this compilation…

The Lost City of Z is out now! 

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – Brand New Trailer & Clips!

Despite its somewhat overly long name, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is looking to be an incredibly powerful (if somewhat comedic) film, as well as throwing in a strong humanitarian message at the same time.

The story focuses on Frances McDormand’s character as she tries to shine a light on her local police force (played by Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell) to solve the murder of her daughter instead of attacking black people.

Throughout the trailers there are plenty of darkly humorous moments to whet your appetite, alongside some beautifully framed shots and action sequences.

Provided the trailers aren’t lying, it also looks like we’ll be seeing some Oscar worthy performances from the three leads; McDormand, Harrelson and Rockwell.


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is out in cinemas later this year!

Fargo Season Three – Brand New Trailer!

The time for the third season of Fargo to arrive is drawing ever nearer, and the sense of excitement is almost palpable.

It’s definitely not helped by the brand new trailer the good folks at FX have just released, showing Ewan McGregor arguing with himself over money and family.

Dotted throughout the trailer is a slew of famous characters (acting alongside McGregor) including the absolutely incredible David Thewlis. The entire plot absolutely screams dark, twisting and constricting content, but you never know by how much it will be included in the final cut.

It’s also nice to start speculating whether or not we’ll see some of the original cast members returning for a quick cameo or two, provided it’s done well and isn’t just a quick attempt at boosting the ratings instead.

Fargo Season Three is on TV April 19th!

Red Nose Day Actually – Brand New Trailer!

When I was first told about the new trailer for Love Actually 2, I was in disbelief. I had assumed that the entire affair would not be receiving a sequel due to the general completeness of the original film. Then I found out the trailer was linked in to the Red Nose Day Actually short, and a wave of relief flooded over me.

The latest trailer for the Comic Relief Special sees the original cast reprising Andrew Lincoln’s big moment with the white cards to a shocked Keira Knightley announcing the return and taking bets on who has kept their looks since 2003. Noticeably absent are Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman, the latter due to his untimely death last year, and the former because Curtis and Thompson couldn’t think of what to write for her character following Rickman’s passing.

Regardless, tonight’s Red Nose Day celebrations should be full of mirth, and the Love Actually reunion will be the icing on the cake!

Red Nose Day Actually is on tonight on BBC One!

Free Fire – Screening and Q&A at The Ritzy!

We here at We Make Movies on Weekends are deeply, deeply enamoured with Free Fire, Ben Wheatley’s latest masterpiece.

If you want to know the reasons why, just check out our review!

Free Fire isn’t officially out in the UK until Friday 31st March, but The Ritzy Picturehouse in Brixton will be showing the film on Thursday 30th and following it up with a Q&A session with none other than Ben Wheatley himself!

Tickets are available now, so go and snap them up before you miss out on a chance to see this absolutely incredible film that’s packed with a stellar cast and full to the brim with pithy one-liners.

Do you really think you can afford to miss out on this amazing opportunity?

Nah. I didn’t think so.

Free Fire is out March 31st