Red Nose Day Actually – Brand New Trailer!

When I was first told about the new trailer for Love Actually 2, I was in disbelief. I had assumed that the entire affair would not be receiving a sequel due to the general completeness of the original film. Then I found out the trailer was linked in to the Red Nose Day Actually short, and a wave of relief flooded over me.

The latest trailer for the Comic Relief Special sees the original cast reprising Andrew Lincoln’s big moment with the white cards to a shocked Keira Knightley announcing the return and taking bets on who has kept their looks since 2003. Noticeably absent are Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman, the latter due to his untimely death last year, and the former because Curtis and Thompson couldn’t think of what to write for her character following Rickman’s passing.

Regardless, tonight’s Red Nose Day celebrations should be full of mirth, and the Love Actually reunion will be the icing on the cake!

Red Nose Day Actually is on tonight on BBC One!

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