Unite the League – Brand New Justice League Trailer!

You have to wonder if at some point between Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad, DC decided to steer into the skid and try to own it for all its worth in the hopes that one day they’ll discover some gold buried within the lukewarm effluence that they’re currently mired in.

It certainly seems that way when watching the trailer for Justice League.

Despite a lot of people decrying Suicide Squad for being made up of several trailers for different characters stitched together into a two hour long film, it looks like that is the exact same thing is being done with Justice League, only with the good guys this time around.

The trial initially starts with a bleak orchestral track before rapidly cutting into The White Stripes as the three superheroes who weren’t part of BvS are introduced. As it continues, we’re treated to some painful one-liners about Batman’s lack of powers and choice of costume.

It is hard to describe just how badly I want this film to be utterly amazing, but watching this sneak peek just leaves me worried it’s going to be the exact same story as the last few times.

Then again, they did well at the box office, so who cares what I think?

Justice League is out in cinemas November 17th!

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