Legion: “Chapter 8” – Finale Review

(Spoilers Ahoy) Legion has produced some of the most (and literal) mind-bending episodes that have ever graced superhero TV. Nay, usual TV. Creator Noah Hawley has melded mental eccentricity with power drama and intriguing character development whilst also producing memorable scenes in the shows unusual set-design and scene exploration. Legion blazed through it’s season with wit, originality, and terror; unique against the backdrop of mutant … Continue reading Legion: “Chapter 8” – Finale Review

Ghost in the Shell (1995)- Review

Until recently, anime and I had a somewhat tenuous relationship. I was never that thrilled about the often overly sexualised women, nor did I enjoy the on-the-cheap animation that was used (where three frames could render an entire two minute walking sequence.) However, as I grew older, my tastes began to mature, computers improved enough to allow more fluid animations, and I stopped letting such petty … Continue reading Ghost in the Shell (1995)- Review

IT – Brand New Trailers & Clips!

Horror and Stephen King fans have equal reason to get excited as the first trailer of the acclaimed Horror novel IT has just dropped. As well as King’s loved novel, 90’s kids will remember the TV miniseries that was later combined as a feature film. Following seven youngsters in the town of Derry. Outcasts and self confessed ‘Losers’ the seven know that something is wrong … Continue reading IT – Brand New Trailers & Clips!