A Film Geek In London: Star Wars Identities

A new exhibition at London’s O2 Arena aims to get you up close and personal with the varied characters from the Star Wars Universe. From the human heroes to the alien creatures and Droids, all are on display at this exhibition with a difference.

Rather than just simply displaying props, costumes, concept art and models (which would be impressive enough), Star Wars Identities aims to create a truly interactive experience. Viewers not only witness the inspiration and creation of Star Wars characters but piece by piece, build their own.

On entering the experience, you are given a headset with necklace and a wrist band. The headset and necklace allows viewers to hear overhead commentary for each section when they enter a set space. This means all viewers can explore at their own pace. The bracelet connects to points throughout the experience where you can choose the breed, costume, profession and personality of your own character.

A short opening video introduces you to the Star Wars Universe. It emphasises how characters have been created for such a franchise beginning with A New Hope all the way up to The Force Awakens and Rogue One.

Opening with masks and concept art, quickly you are treated to the familiarity of droids and Stormtroopers. The commentary walks you through characters and what aspects designers had to think over in their creation. There is a small section dedicated to Jar Jar Binks, which seems a weird choice. It is safe to say he is one of the most hated characters of any franchise yet here he gets artwork and models.

Iconic character’s make an appearance throughout the tour., from Han Solo’s costume to his moulded imprint. Yoda as well as Slave Leia and Luke Skywalker’s orange Pilot suit. Jabba The Hutt and of course droids including C3P-O, R2-D2 and BB8.

The towering form of Darth Vader is seen towards the end of the tour. The iconic suit worn by David Prowse is as big as you would imagine for such a villain.

Throughout you have the chance to add to your own character. Quizzes and questions build a unique character that you get the chance to name. The last part of the experience is the reveal of your built character. Displayed on a wall with the option to have it sent to your email. It’s a great ending to the experience before leaving via the shop. Because what’s a Star Wars experience without merchandise.

Overall, Star Wars Identities is an exhibition with a difference. Truly interactive and engaging to Star Wars fans. Whether the experience can appeal to non-fans of the film is unlikely but for those who wish to visit a galaxy far far away this is the exhibition you have been looking for.

The exhibition is on till September 2017 at The O2 arena. Tickets are available from  http://www.axs.com/starwarsidentities

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