T A P E presents: The Love Commandos + Q&A at the Ritzy Picturehouse

As films lovers, we’re always looking for more interesting, engaging film experiences, and you need look no further than the Ritzy this month if that’s what you seek. T A P E are a film collective dedicated to bring you the best films from the festival and cult crowds that get limited releases in the UK. This month, they’re bringing a fascinating documentary, with an exclusive Q&A after.

The Love Commandos follows a group of ordinary men on an extraordinary mission: to change their country’s archaic views on love, honour and marriage, one couple at a time. It tells the story of the turbulent socio-political climate in India, where falling in love with the ‘wrong’ person may result in brutal punishment or death, and the immense struggles this guerrilla group of men and the couples they come across are up against.

Following this screening, there’ll be an exclusive Q&A with the film’s director Miriam Lyons and Will Bose from the charity Karma Nirvana, who will give a perspective on honour based violence in the UK. Karma Nirvana, since 1993, has supported victims of honour violence and forced marriage in the UK. They played a crucial role in persuading the government to criminalise forced marriage in the UK back in 2014. The Q&A will be hosted by Keiran Yates, a free lance writer on music and politics for NME.

If you’re looking for an eye opening and excellent film experience this month, then head on down to The Ritzy on 23rd April at 12pm.

Book your tickets here.

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