La Strada – Brand New Trailer!

Federico Fellini is a much celebrated director, known for the combination of fantasy and social commentary. He crafted one of the much beloved movies with 81/2. Now his work is being re-celebrated, thanks to the release of 1954’s La Strada The film revolves around outsiders. Gelsomina is a young woman who is sold to strongman Zampano to be both his wife and performance assistant. Zampanò … Continue reading La Strada – Brand New Trailer!

Maudie – Trailer!

The Academy Award nominated Sally Hawkins is one of our best actress. Whether it’s sparring with Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine or chirping gleefully in Happy Go Lucky, she has gifted us with some achingly memorable performances. Alongside Ethan Hawk, she is set to make more waves with Maudie. Maudie is based on a true story when reclusive Everett Lewis finds solace in housekeeper Maudie. … Continue reading Maudie – Trailer!

The Tick – Brand New Trailer & Clips!

Are you bored of superheroes? Do you wish that they would either lighten up, or at least take themselves a little less seriously sometimes? Then have I got some exciting news for you! Following from its wonderful episode last year on Amazon Instant’s Pilot Season, the superhero based on Ben Edlund’s comic books, is returning to Amazon Prime TV! The series will start Peter Serafinowicz … Continue reading The Tick – Brand New Trailer & Clips!

Mindhorn’s “Audition” – Brand New Clip!

We’ve seen it all before. A popular actor who has seen their career die out attempts to claw their way back into the fold by taking any part they can find, no matter how embarrassing or demeaning it may be. This is the case we see in the latest clip to whet your whistles for the impending release of Mindhorn next week! A balding, flabby … Continue reading Mindhorn’s “Audition” – Brand New Clip!

In Memoriam: Jonathan Demme

There are movies you watch. There are movies you enjoy. And then there are movies that make you. Jonathan Demme has crafted many of those movies in his career as a director, screenwriter, and producer. He has impacted and spurred the art of others by simply being a masterful artist in his own writer. We’re very sad to hear about his passing this afternoon. Demme’s … Continue reading In Memoriam: Jonathan Demme