Alien: Covenant – “The Crossing” Clip

Ah Prometheus. When you were first announced, we were all so hopeful, but then you came and most people responded with a resounding shrug, so you went away and licked your wounds. Hoping that one day, you might find some redemption.

If the latest clip to be released in order to hype the upcoming Alien: Covenant is to be believed, Prometheus has found its sought after penance, and is building up to bigger and better things.

Set sometime after the events of the film, and in the immediate run up to Covenant, The Crossing shows David the android and Dr Elizabeth Shaw as they travel to their Creator’s Homeworld.

It’s not a very long clip, and is predominantly a voice-over from David’s point of view, but it will be interesting to see how the clip ties in to the next film!

Alien: Covenant is out in cinemas May 12th!

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