Looking Back…Something Wild (1986)

The eighties are perceived as a shallow and materialistic decade that saw entertainment become a ‘product’ released by major corporations and sold in the same way as other commodities. A popular perception is that it was a time swamped with popcorn pictures – lightweight flicks made for children and teenagers. The best movies of the eighties either celebrated frivolity and gave us great entertainment, or … Continue reading Looking Back…Something Wild (1986)

A Moving Image – Review

A Moving Image, the debut feature of writer-director Shola Amoo, is interesting in a way that perhaps is unintentional. It is about the difficulty of joining a group when they are suspicious of your motives. It is also about the problem of tackling an issue that does not directly affect you. How can you be passionate and committed when you have no connection, no heart? … Continue reading A Moving Image – Review

La Strada – Brand New Trailer!

Federico Fellini is a much celebrated director, known for the combination of fantasy and social commentary. He crafted one of the much beloved movies with 81/2. Now his work is being re-celebrated, thanks to the release of 1954’s La Strada The film revolves around outsiders. Gelsomina is a young woman who is sold to strongman Zampano to be both his wife and performance assistant. Zampanò … Continue reading La Strada – Brand New Trailer!

Maudie – Trailer!

The Academy Award nominated Sally Hawkins is one of our best actress. Whether it’s sparring with Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine or chirping gleefully in Happy Go Lucky, she has gifted us with some achingly memorable performances. Alongside Ethan Hawk, she is set to make more waves with Maudie. Maudie is based on a true story when reclusive Everett Lewis finds solace in housekeeper Maudie. … Continue reading Maudie – Trailer!