Do you believe in Aliens?

Are we really alone in this vast Universe?

It’s a concept that has been talked around for centuries. Half of what we read, listen to and watch on our screens contains some sort of reference to other beings lurking throughout the galaxy. But when people start going on about how they had an ‘encounter’ it’s hard to accept that as truth because we ourselves have never experienced anything like that. Whether you believe such things and can find an ounce of truth when people say they have seen aliens for the star of this account David Huggins this was his life – is his life.

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David, 72 – works part time in a Deli, meditates daily and paints bizarre pictures of his various encounters with other worldly beings. Oh and of course, he’s American (just let your thoughts run wild for a moment there). The first thing that springs to mind is just how odd this person is; but once you scrape away the fact that this man claims to have had his first encounter at the age of 8 and lost his virginity to an alien in the woods when he was 17 he is a humble man with an extensive story to tell. One thing that is apparent – this man has clearly told this story countless amounts of time and now he has a camera to tell it to. As the narrative unfolds we hear excitement in David’s voice but we are also told that he was terrified when his new friends came to visit him.  Imagine being a teenager and having something happen to you that no one believes – that’s got to be pretty scary. Challenging this fear through his paintings becomes cathartic and a way for audiences to really grasp what this man went through.

Although, the title alone gives us a sense of exactly what encounters this man experienced and quite frankly it seems he may have watched one too many sci-fi’s before or after porn. His extensive sci-fi VHS collection reflects this and doesn’t add credit to his story. At times during David’s account it’s virtually impossible not to roll one’s eyes or laugh at his surreal paintings of basically nothing other than erotic accounts with strange creatures (don’t get me started on the praying mantis man). We also get told that on of his encounters that he is brought to a room full of hybrid children that are his and without his touch they won’t survive is a tad hard to fathom.

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Whilst watching this documentary, there are many similarities to virtually every alien account that has been recorded, published and explored, ever. Could this be reality, dreams or could this be hallucinations of a child’s over imaginative mind who had a deeply religious and troubled upbringing – who knows? The most important question here too is why David? Why did they choose him over someone else? No one knows.

This is engaging, perhaps simply because sci-fi is fascinating but the strangeness of it all and the fact that so many other people have the exact same story as the one David clings onto it’s ever so easy to disregard it.

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