Away – Review

Ria (Juno Temple) and Joseph (Timothy Spall) are both in Blackpool to escape. She’s trying to get away from her abusive boyfriend, he’s trying to escape memories of the death of his wife. When their paths cross, she won’t leave him alone and an initially begrudging friendship develops. But what they’re trying to leave behind them just won’t go away. Away is an ultimately underwhelming film, … Continue reading Away – Review

Looking Back…Prometheus (2012)

Film hype on the internet is one of the most fascinating things to witness; never before has there been such an open world for fans to rave and review their favourite films. However, sometimes it’s easy to forget that your opinion on a film can fall somewhere in the middle. For every popular film that comes out, be it a comic book movie, a franchise … Continue reading Looking Back…Prometheus (2012)