Lake Bodom – Brand New Clip

There are a seemingly infinite number of slasher movies out there that is teeming with the same story line, the same characters, and the same predictable ending. Nevertheless, no matter how many times we yawn in revolt against the backlash of bored, tired, and “cookie cutter” thrillers. We know the stories and we know the rhymes and, frankly, we’re sick of them.

On that list is Lake Bodom.

The movie revolves around the notorious place where four teenagers were murded Value in 1960 and the killer still runs rampant. Flash forward decades later and two creepy assed kids rope on two girls to go explore the area and recreate the past events in hopes to lure out the original killer. As is with any horror film where victims lay ripe for the killer, when the night strikes, the group of four find themselves perilous to an unknown assailant, can they survive?

After reviewing this at BFI London Film Festival, it’ll be interesting if it gets the audience, what do you think?

Lake Bodom is available on Shudder now! 

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